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Alexa Benson

Posted Wednesday, June 30th, 2010
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Alexa Benson teen sbj redhead xxxp interracial anal bfc amateur Alexa Benson

Alexa Benson @ sweet heart ALERT!!! What do we have here? Gorgeous 19 year old teen sweetie Alexa Benson is out walking her dog when she strolls by two black dudes, Justin Long and Jon Jon, discussing whether they like the cooch or the butt as their preferred port for docking their longboats. One guy prefers the juicy cooch, while the other votes for the tight asshole. Alexa Benson, of course, is packing both on her prime teen body. She overhears the discussion, and comes right up, and offers to share her wealth of holes with these two debaters. Alexa Benson has one of those dainty dicked white boyfriends, and has heard about the mammoth black meat these guys pack in their shorts, so she has been interested for some time in finding out for herself. Usually with a sweetie this hot, you can pretty much expect that she isn’t going to be a complete bitch, especially when it comes to interracial assfucking, and DP – Double Penetration. Alexa Bensen is the exception! She not only sucks long black dick like it’s about to become extinct, she opens her cooch and asshole and gives herself over to the moment, and just lets these two black studs do it all! Alexa Benson gets her delectable cooch fucked like it’s never been drilled before. Her tight asshole gets rough treatment from a horse-sized black pecker, she gets her asshole and cooter stuffed at the same time by more meat than you can find at the butcher shop, and when it comes to A2M butt to mouth, she takes it straight in and down her throat without even the slightest wipe! One steaming shot has her getting her butt stuffed while she is licking the butthole of the other guy! Alexa Benson finishes by taking an interracial creampie in her white cooch, and letting the asshole demolisher feed her a load of sticky interracial jizz, which she greedily swallows! Just prime!

Alexa Benson Alexa Benson

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Gangsta Fuckin

Posted Friday, June 25th, 2010
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Gangsta Fuckin Gangsta Fuckin
Gangsta Fuckin @
Barb here, back for another black attack on my reproductive tract! Another week of interracial creampie smut! Since I haven’t found the right black spunk donor to hook up with one of my eggs in waiting, I figured what I needed was some more radical seed from some brutha’s with some ‘tude! Enough with all those polite muthafucka’s, give me some of that gangsta’ fuckin’ and let’s see if one of their soldiers can seal the deal. There’s only one name that comes to mind when I think of the word gangster, and that’s Tone "The Bone" Capone, and for good measure his homey Cuntree. To set the right mood for this interracial breeding gig, I let them start by gangsta’ fucking my throat till they were both throbbing, to the point where I could take their pulse from their peckers. Then I let these 2 ghetto thugs pound my cooder to hamburger to get them in the mood to plug it full of their secret sauce! First Cuntree pulls his iron and pumps me full of his spunk bullets. Then Tone empties his double sack into my magic crack, and I’m left dripping their ooze from my swollen cooze! Bring on that future WestSider! XOXOXOXOXOXXO
Gangsta Fuckin Gangsta Fuckin

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Nadia Styles Ass Freak

Posted Friday, June 18th, 2010
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Nadia Styles Ass Freak brunette glasses bfts interracial xxxp anal creampie Nadia Styles Ass Freak

Nadia Styles butt Freak @ Getting a white girl to let you have a poke at her asshole with a immense black schlong can be one of life’s most difficult goals. It seems so tempting, just two inches away from that luscious muffy, peeking out between those smooth butt cheeks, winking at you. Hell, it’s just begging to get a immense black dick shoved in it! But there’s a little problem in the form of the person attached to that hidden treasure, she’s having none of that! That’s what life is like for most butthole paradise seekers. But then if you are very lucky, you might just cross paths with a girl like Nadia Styles…a true interracial anal sex freak! Nadia Styles is all about getting butt fucked as hard and often as she can in her puckered jewel. Don’t even think about starting out with her front door muffy, and moving around when you think she’s ready! She’s ready right now, and she isn’t interested in the conventional entry, just go straight to the anal promised land! This is for true lovers of hard, heavy, mischievous interracial anal sex only!

Nadia Styles Ass Freak Nadia Styles Ass Freak

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Gloryhole Hot Pocket

Posted Sunday, June 13th, 2010
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Gloryhole Hot Pocket Gloryhole Hot Pocket
Gloryhole Hot Pocket @
Hey guys, it’s Barb again! Back for some huge black dick and my weekly interracial creampie! So the bro who shoots the scenes for my website had this idea to take me and Gia Paloma to where he also shoots scenes for…a errant pornshop in an even nastier neighborhood! Gia was playing around with his camera while he was driving, and shot some film of me flashing random dudes. Finally we got parked, and inside our private booth. We were checking out this dive when a huge black anonymous pecker appeared through the wall. Gia decided to warm it up with some of her patented deepthroating, and she almost broke her nose on the wall from jamming this big black pecker completely down her throat! I was rubbing up my cooch when the idea came up to get this pecker inside me, and see if I could get my little oreo baby from this unknown jizz shooter. So it took some extra help from Gia and a lot of careful wallfucking to get this bro to deliver a load of his black american cheese inside my hot pocket. You can’t say I’m not exposing my fertile loins to the widest available gene pool in my continuing quest for my very own brown mini me! XOXOXOXOXOXXO
Gloryhole Hot Pocket Gloryhole Hot Pocket

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Three Black Men Creampie Me!

Posted Tuesday, June 8th, 2010
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Three Black Men Creampie Me! Three Black Men Creampie Me!
Three Black Men Creampie Me! @
Another clip with me taking THREE loads of black man’s cum deep inside my pussy! If you guys out there think there is a better true interracial porno site out there, let me know, I want to masturbate to it myself! You perverts out there have been dreaming of a site like this and now you have it! I am the undisputed Interracial Creampie Queen. Period! Bow down whiteboys! My fertile white pussy was feeling a lot more horny than usual this week.. My poor pussy literally ached and throbbed every single time I even thought about black men or black dick this week. This week I’m OVULATING. great timing for this TRIPLE INTERRACIAL CREAM PIE! This clip starts off with all three black studs sitting on the couch and me crawling on my hands and knee’s back and forth sucking all of their monstrous black schlongs. The first black cock I ride belongs to cock James. Watch me lower myself onto this black man’s oversized ebony manhood and pound him with my white pussy to completion! One creampie down, 2 more to go! Next up to hit it is Ace and his 11 inches of black power. Ace tells me to bend over and stick my white butt up into the air for him. I do what he wants, anything to get his baby-makin’ cum! It doesn’t take my pussy long to milk his black dick, forcing it to erupt while still deep inside me. 2 creampies down, 1 more to go for this BLACK dick floozy! Last but not least is Byron Longs beer can sized black pole to finish off! I lay on my back to get ready for missionary position, legs spread wide for Byron Long in preparation for my last interracial breeding session of the day. Byron busts a substantial, disgusting, thick lump of white goo against my cervix which you pervs our there can watch leak out of my pussy and down my leg while I walk around the room afterwards. I take all three cream pies this week in different positions maximizing my chances at getting pregnant! WoooHooo! See you guys next week! XOXOXOXOXOXXO
Three Black Men Creampie Me! Three Black Men Creampie Me!

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Massive Cream In My Pie

Posted Thursday, June 3rd, 2010
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Massive Cream In My Pie Massive Cream In My Pie
Massive Cream In My Pie @
Back again this week with another double interracial creampie session! After last week’s double afro-cream injection, I was sure I finally hit the black baby lottery. I did the usual squat and pee on the stick, waiting for the right color to appear, but alas, no blue joy! So what’s a black cock hussy to do? What else, go find some more sperm donors! This week I decided to bring in the heavy hitters. My line-up…first at bat, Brian Pumper , the spunk dumper. They don’t call him Pumper for nothing! He’s like a pumptruck, when he reels out that black hose, he can put out any fire. Pumper is known for overshooting the mark when he blasts, and the low man on the totem pole gets to wipe the splatters off the wall, or mop up the floor. This time I’m making sure none of this gloppy goodness goes to waste as I keep that fat nozzle jammed into my ductwork, hoping to find one of them eggs I’ve been keeping around for an interracial DNA party. Batting cleanup is Hooks, who ought to be called "off the hooks" for the huge-sized, legendary spunk blasts he is known for. No one knows how he keeps his boys in training, but I’m pretty sure one of his jizz-volcanos could fill up an elephant cooder! I’ll start off sucking those black snakes, and I’ll even surprise Pumper with a little oral expedition up his asshole to see if tickling his prostrate with mytongue helps get more of his swimmers into the competition. Yeah, it’s a tough job, but somebody’s got to do it! Bring on the meat, and get ready for a treat! Stay posted for the results, and until next time… XOXOXOXOXOXXO
Massive Cream In My Pie Massive Cream In My Pie

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