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Ginger Blaze Cuckold

Posted Monday, July 26th, 2010
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Ginger Blaze Cuckold @ Cuckoldry cunt Ginger Blaze and her sissy cuckold husband Lance are admitted swingers, but one thing Lance has never witnessed is seeing his hot, colossal tittie redhead cheating cunt wife sucking and fucking a colossal black dick, and getting her shaved white pussy violated by the same over-sized black dick. So cuckolding Lance has been firing off the e-mails to Dogfart here at begging for a chance to be there while his cuckolding cunt wife Ginger Blaze gets initiated in her first interracial cuckold smut. We bring in colossal black stud Brian Pumper, who loves having interracial sex with someone else’s cheating hot wife. Ginger Blaze shows off her colossal melons for her cuckold hubby, as well as our naughty members, as she swallows Brian Pumper’s colossal black dick, and then spreads those milky, sexy white thighs wide to offer him her married white pussy. To spice things up even more, Ginger Blaze opts for an interracial creampie finish and Brian Pumper pumps her married white pussy full of black jizz delivering the messy cream pie that she so desired! This interacial sex clip has got it all! Cuckold husband watching his wife receive a over-sized creampie!

Ginger Blaze Cuckold Ginger Blaze Cuckold

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Samantha Sin

Posted Wednesday, July 21st, 2010
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Samantha Sin @ We start out this time on one of those SoCal beaches as 3 black dudes, Brian Pumper, Justin Long and Ace, are cruising for a white twat to shove their long black stiffies into. Along comes sandy Samantha Sin, who is there to meet some friends for a little beach time. They descend on her like a flock of starving vultures, and start right in convincing her that she needs to go with them instead. There is talk of a barbecue, and kielbasa. Samantha Sin reluctantly gives in to their urgent pleadings, and finally accompanies them to their place. Once there, Samantha Sin finds out the barbecue pit is her twat, and it’s all the ghetto kielbassa she can devour! Samantha Sinn gets porked like never before, and as the last one is stuffing her puddin’ cup, she tells him in no uncertain terms not to cum inside her. "No creampies" she says. Of course, that makes him lust after to fertilize her twat with black cum even more, and he pumps her innards full of baby batter as she freaks out in protest to the massive interracial creampie. The other two are more accomodating, as one decorates her tits, and the last one fills her mouth to the brim with his dick lava. 3 interracial cumshots, all in different places!

Samantha Sin Samantha Sin

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2 More Black Jizz Creampies

Posted Wednesday, July 14th, 2010
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2 More Black Cum Creampies 2 More Black Cum Creampies
2 More Black jizz Creampies @
This week’s muffin filling duties are being handled by Jason Brown and Lefty. I give them both lap dances to warm up their cream-making balls. I hunger for to make sure all 4 black balls are working at their maximum potential before they unload their contents into my black baby makin’ muffin. This idea seemed to work prime as you’ll see for yourself by the king-sized load these two studs squirt in and on my pink hole. Enjoy this weeks update guys! XOXOXOXOXOX
2 More Black Cum Creampies 2 More Black Cum Creampies

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Holly Wellin

Posted Sunday, July 11th, 2010
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Holly Wellin @ Hot British white slut Holly Wellin has a problem. She is visiting Los Angeles, and gets lost, and to make matters worse, in a pretty scary neighborhood. smut star Ice Cold is out to see if he can find a hot flaxen woman to feed his substantial black cock, and is quick to move in on the confused tourist and offer his aid. Once he gets Holly Wellin back to his place, he is quick to let her know that his help comes with a pricetag, and the cost is a slice of her sweet young coochy. Holly Wellen reluctantly agreed, but only on the condition that he doesn’t spunk inside her fertile coochy. "No interracial creampies!" Holly Wellen tells him. Ice Cold promises to comply with her modest demand, and it’s not long before they are tasting each other’s crotch delicacies, to warm up for some blistering hot interracial fucking. Holly Wellin is enjoying this major reaming, but keeps reminding him that he can’t spunk inside her white coochy. Holly Wellin soon learns that you can’t trust a nigga with a hard-on, and while she is riding his substantial black dick in reverse, he pumps her slick box full of interracial cumshot ghetto minnows. Surprise…Interracial Creampie!

Holly Wellin Holly Wellin

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22 Inches Of Black Cock

Posted Monday, July 5th, 2010
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22 Inches Of Black Dick 22 Inches Of Black Dick
22 Inches Of Black penis @
This week I get 22 inches worth of large black dick from only two guys. What does that tell you? That tells you that they are black without me even having to say it, right? HaHa. How many white guys would I have to fuck to get 22 inches of dick in one session? 5? 10? Hahaha! First up we have John E. Depth’s 11 inches worth of cream shooting, black-as-night manhood. I warm him up with my mouth, then lay on my back and spread my legs as far as I can for him. It doesn’t take him long to spew his interracial seed deep into my fertile, pink, shaved coochy. This is an flawless site fella’s. Nowhere else can you see footage like this, I must brag!!! You wont be disappointed. Next up is Sledge Hammer. I start working Sledge’s beer-can-thick 11 inch black penis with my mouth while John E. Depth’s thick, gooey cream leaks out of my coochy and onto the floor. When Sledge gets bored using my mouth, I sit him down on the couch and slowly lower my still-cream-filled coochy onto his black tree stump. OMFG it felt incredible! You’d have to be a woman to understand fellas! When Sledge is close to blowing his precious black baby-makin’ load, he bends me over and fucks me from behind. I love this position, it makes the most of a creampie, not letting much cream escape from my coochy. You’ve gotta see this clip for yourself guys! I know you’ll love it almost as much as I did! (ALMOST) Haha! Bye! XOXOXXOXOXOXO
22 Inches Of Black Dick 22 Inches Of Black Dick

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