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Cream Inside My Pink Vagina

Posted Tuesday, January 12th, 2010
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Cum Inside My Pink Pussy Cum Inside My Pink Pussy
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Hello once again fellas! I’m excited for this weeks interracial creampie breeding session with Lucky Starr and dick James. We are talkin’ 22 inches of huge BLACK dick and 4 large black ballsacks full of black baby makin’ cream. But before we jump into all that, I was DYING to tell my fans about my night out on the town last night. My cameraman took me out to a black bar so I could suck and fuck some random black guys OFF CAMERA. This weeks update gives you the FULL DETAILS of this adventure! Ok, back to describing this weeks action! Lucky Starr starts everything off by showing me how good of a white cunt eater he is. And I will bear witness to the fact that he does indeed eat cunt with some serious skill! I came right in his black mouth! That got both of my black studs hard as rocks. Seeing two substantial hard black meat is my cue to bend over and offer up my breeding hole for the black man. First ebony stud to hit it is dick James. He pounds me from behind while I suck on Lucky’s 11 inch black dick. When dick James is ready to jizz, we move into spoons position (My FAVORITE CREAMPIE POSITION! YEAAH!). DJ slowly pumps his black rod in and out until his entire balls drain out of the tip of his dick and deep into my Fallopian tubes. I immediately jump on my back for interracial cream pie #2 of the day. Luck Starr knows what to do and stuffs his gorgeous black dick to the back of my cunt, burying the fellatio against my uterus. He gives me a few pumps and then sprays the inside of my cunt with warm, gooey, cream that I feel from the inside out! Yummy!! Once again my cunt leaks out so much jizz that it makes it’s way all the way down my thighs, down to my feet! This is the best interracial creampie sex site in the world! Right guys??? XOXOXOXOXOXOOXX See you next week!
Cum Inside My Pink Pussy Cum Inside My Pink Pussy

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