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Inseminate My Coochy

Posted Monday, May 3rd, 2010
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Inseminate My Pussy Inseminate My Pussy
Inseminate My cooder @
I’m so depressed. I was lying in bed with Jason Brown( who has one of the biggest black schlongs ever!) and I was telling him that I just can’t seem to get pregnant. No matter how many black schlongs I suck and fuck, which must be in the hundreds by now, I just can’t seem to have that black baby I hunger for. I can’t ant won’t give up hope. My dripping wet cooder will always take in a king-sized throbbing black pecker. My pussy always accepts and loves a nice healthy interracial creampie every single time. Some people call it a curse to have a sexual appetite like mine. I call it a blessing that I take, and always will take, huge meaty black cocks especially if they’re the size of Jason’s. Watch as Jason becomes one of MANY to dump a healthy load deep inside my cooder. Will his lottery number come up? ?Even if it is than that’s not enough for me to stop my constant prowl for huge king-sized fucking black cock.
Inseminate My Pussy Inseminate My Pussy

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