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Interracial Breeding Sessions

Posted Monday, April 19th, 2010
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Interracial Breeding Sessions Interracial Breeding Sessions
Interracial Breeding Sessions @
Here we go! We’ve got tattooed gangsta thug Deep Threat along with Julias as this week’s interracial cream pie impregnation posse! From the first moment I saw these two black studs I knew they would know how to properly treat a black penis hussy in an interracial breeding session. And they did not disappoint! It didn’t take Deep Threat long before he couldn’t hold back and blasted my womb with cum from his substantial black penis at the same time Julias fucks my mouth. This is a over-sized load that I can feel being sprayed against the back of my muff canal. After ‘Threat pulls out, his cream starts to leak out right away so he uses his black cock to push it all back in, trying as hard as he can to breed me. The sight of this really turns Julias on so he didn’t last much longer after that! I flip over on my back for him and spread WIDE. He pumps my pink muff for a few minutes before telling me he’s going to creampie me. He sets a few ropes of cream into me, then pulls out and sets a couple more ropes on my muff lips, belly, clothes and hands. He goes back and forth shooting cream inside me and onto my belly a few times until his immense orgasm is finally completed. OMFG!!!
Interracial Breeding Sessions Interracial Breeding Sessions

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