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Kylee Reese

Posted Wednesday, March 3rd, 2010
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Kylee Reese Kylee Reese

Kylee Reese @ We open this vid in the middle of a robbery. Three masked black thieves are gathering their loot, when they spot a hot young flaxen napping on the couch. They can’t resist the opportunity to document their crime, so they take turns snapping images of each other holding stolen items beside the sleeping beauty. As she yawns, she leaves her mouth open, and this showboating progresses to pictures of her with a black cock in her mouth. They carry this too far, and she awakens, first startled, then eyeing all the jumbo dicks hanging out, she decides to make the best of it. Kylee deepthroats each of them, stuffing their obscenely long black penises down her throat, and holding it there until she erupts in a fit of gagging. She then spreads her sexy legs, and grants them a full access pass to her sweet pink pleasure pit! After several positions of fucking and sucking. She’s ready for cum. One gives her a hot creampie. One blasts her mouth full of his semen smoothie, which she gulps down. And the last one decorates her pretty face with thick ropes of joy juice!

Kylee Reese Kylee Reese

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